On May 30, 2016 I traveled from KL - Perth.

I wheeled my custom made wheelchair to the plane door.

When I disembarked it was not waiting at the door of plane as it usually is.

Found it in baggage area with frame bent and crushed.

Tried to sit on it to see how bad it was and it top peel Dover and I fell on floor of Perth airport.

Perth airport denied responsibility (though that's the only place it could have been run over). Filled out a report and I was sent home with NO WHEELCHAIR!

Luckily family in Perth found a spare one to use for my 9 day holiday with family. But to send a paraplegic away with no chair? That's the same as cutting off someone's legs and sending them off.

June 9 I flew home to KL.

I have periodic emails from AA but still no recourse.

When I was in Perth I re ordered another of the same chairs that I use and sent AA the invoice. The chair takes 6 weeks to build. In the meantime I am using an old chunky one. It is too heavy for me to pull I to my car, so I can't drive anywhere. It is too wide to fit through so e of the doors and areas of my apartment I need to access. It is too low to reach cupboards in my kitchen and cumbersome to cook. I live alone independently, but now I just can't do very much.

It took me 4 hard years to claw my way back from paralysis to be strong enough to live my life independently again - with the aid of my custom made chair.

In one foul swoop, my life, independence and self esteem has been cut off again. By Air Asia. And they won't even be decent enough to contact me by phone and give me some answers.

How did my chair get crushed, what are they going to do about it?

I have emailed Tony Fernandez direct, and his assistant. A friend of a friend who knows him has even mentioned this case personally. No response......

Random emails come through for low level 'team members' in different departments. People who just do t seem to care and can give me no answers other than 'please be patient'.

One email said they will get someone locally to 'fix' it.

Engineers in australia said that it cannot be fixed. It would never roll the same again. It was highly tuned and smooth.

Also the structural integrity of the frame would be compromised if it is welded back together.

I am not an old lady that just sits in this chair at home. I live an active life. If I were to be flying down a hill in the 'fixed' chair and hit a bump and the frame collapses because it's integrity has been compromised then I have a right to she AA.

Then they wanted to give me a 'local' chair.

I don't want a standard chair. I want MY chair back. It was made for me, my body, my leg issues. Build to support my broken back.

Is it too much to ask that the chair I put on their plane be given back to meant he same condition and state it was given to them???

Now they are saying that the builder of the chair says my frame has a lifetime warranty. I have been given a lengthy form to fill in. I sent the form to the place in Perth where I buy the chair asking for help in filling out the 'parts' of this form.

The supplier says that yes, the frame has a lifetime warranty but only for manufacturing defects. Not being run over by an AA baggage cart!

I sent this reply back to AA and again honey insist that I fill it in.

They are wasting time and giving me the run around. And I can't even talk to them on the phone!!! Just emails that get answered randomly days after they are sent.

But it's not about the chair only.

They sent a paraplegic home for 20 days now with nothing!!!

And no one will speak to me and give me answers!

Not even an apology.

I am sitting here on a Sunday.

I cannot go out as I can't out chair in car.

I can't cook anything as the chair is too cumbersome for me to move around in kitchen and it tires me out, life is difficult enough.

I could ramble on and complain but the bottom line is.......

Air asia are uncaring and heartless.

Jnik67 wrote the review because of poor customer service at Air Asia and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $7000 and wants Air Asia to issue a full refund.

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Pearland, Texas, United States #1239106

So *** what. You think your special?

A special *** maybe, why should they cater to your *** ***?

Maybe next time you get injured, it's worse than being paralyzed. One can only hope.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1180655

Why in the world would you entrust your wheelchair to the baggage handlers and not insist that it be stowed on-board the plane? I would assume if you choose to check it, the airline assumes the same amount of liability for it as they would a suitcase.

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