Air Asia - Delay and meal voucher

14th nov 18. QZ209 delayed for more than 4hours. Voucher given 4outlets 3closed. Only canai 15. Their service and attitude once see voucher lots of things can't serve. After ordered the prices sky high even after voucher yet have to fork out more money. Unscrupulous place. Wonder why air Asia still deal with them. Hope to be compensated after being rigged off
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Air Asia - Now every Airasia plane can delay

My plane fr Alor Star to KL supposed to fly off by 6pm but delayed to 9.30 pm . When reached 9.30pm , it was delayed some more without further announcements. We are cold and tired . So pissed off
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It is very shame that air asia in philippines davao they dont know about malaysian IC and keep asking why i am using philippines passport,and asking me in a rude way My thingking is, what? you are all working under air asia and dont know what is red Ic and why we are...
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My friend booked me to the morning 935am 4th Oct flight to visit Jakarta for two days. Upon arrival, I only found that my flight was cancelled and airline change my flight time to 5pm when I printed out my ticket. I have made to understand that I need to check with...
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Upon trying to board a flight with our boarding passes in hand air Asia requested a visa to enter Vietnam or a boarding pass for our connecting flight out of Vietnam Hanoi. We called Vietnam airlines they said we wouldn’t be able to get a boarding pass until arrival...
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My friend booked airasiaflight AK6139 from Penang to KL with 20kgs check in baggage. We would like to add 10more kgs however the system didn't show us anything. We thought that we will just buy extra 15kgs at airport since the system error. After entering baggage drop....
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I bought a ticket from Singapore to Denpasar with stop in Jakarta. All right, from Singapore to Jakarta, but arriving at Air Asia in Jakarta to Denpasar, the lady from AA said that my name was not in the system for the flight to denpasar. My check-in was already done...
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Air Asia Indonesia postponed my return flight to Japan on August 28 to August 30th for two days. They informed me of that flight change more than 10 days before the departure, which made me suspicious of their illegal intention. We cannot expect any good in-flight...
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I didn't like
  • Air asia keeps postponing my flight without any compensation
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Please take disciplinary action to Cabin Crew name SAM. A tall Chinese man. Flight AK6314 from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Langkawi. I was seated at seat 25A. I seek for his assistance to placed my luggage up at the compartment above since my hands are already full holding...
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You are a bully. Perhaps you don’t know this but they are not allowed to carry or put your luggage away. By forcing them to do so you are putting their job at risk. So go ahea...

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I always travel with airasia but recently on 11/8/18 travel from Johore to Penang,2045 flight but delayed 2 hours plus,its ok,we accept it,but today departure from penang to Johore for 3person,I arrive at the penang airport at 2105 the kiosk close to check in,and went...
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